Why do Consumers Love Wooden Gifts?

Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, or even at Christmas, consumers are faced with the task of finding unique gifts that the recipient won’t already have and that someone else won’t purchase them. It can be so difficult to come across these kinds of gifts and people can be left tirelessly scrolling websites or trawling high street shops to find something.

More and more, the world of gift has been introduced to increased numbers of rustic wooden gifts. Consumers are turning to homeware over traditional gift options, such as jewellery, confectionary or alcohol. Wooden plaques and signs for example, are becoming a more regular occurrence within the gift market, but why do consumers love these wooden items so much? VKF of Worcester have looked into this and we have the answer for all shop owners wondering whether to invest in this wooden stock.


As mentioned previously, it’s so difficult to find unique presents these days. However, you can always rely on wooden gifts to be different from other cliché options currently on the market. Just because you choose a wooden gift doesn’t mean it isn’t luxury either; you can get some incredibly unique and high-quality variants of items, such as bath boards, jewellery displays and Christmas ornaments. To many customers the ease of being able to purchase something that no one else will have will more than likely be a tempting prospect to them.


The amazing thing about wooden gifts is that you can keep them forever! They aren’t something that will expire, run out or deteriorate over time. Whilst many people resort to perishable gifts as they feel like there are very few other “easy” options out there, providing your customers with a range of wooden keepsake gifts that can last an extremely long time will appeal to a significantly wide audience… and guarantees that you’ll stand out from the crowd too!

Wood also looks beautiful and has the potential to fit in with virtually any style of home décor. So even if the recipients home changes over time, you know that a wooden gift can always be perfectly displayed.


When giving a wooden gift, you can show to the receiver that you’ve put a lot of thought into their present. Whilst some gifts may be bought on a whim, your customer may pick up a wooden coaster set representing their siblings favourite animal, a funny plaque for their parents or a world map wall art piece for their travel obsessed friends. Many of these wooden gifts are often purchased with someone’s personality or interests in mind and this is something that the recipient will always appreciates.

Lots of wooden gifts can also be personalised and you might want to look at offering this service in your store; it can be a real selling point! Even if you bulk purchase wooden items that don’t come with personalisation, it is something you can add at a later date (to bring additional value to the item).


Not only are wooden gifts beautiful to look at, but the majority of them are also incredibly useful. For example, we stock intricate jewellery holders, humorous door hangers and charming wooden coaster sets; these gifts are so different, but all have their own uses. With many gifts being cast aside shortly after being received, never to see the light of day again, it’s surely agreeable that we’d all much rather have a useful present that we can use time after time.

If you want to use this as a unique selling point within your store, then it’s definitely recommended that you have a wide range of solid wood coasters in-store; they really are a winner with customers and people enjoy purchasing them as little stocking stuffers for their loved ones.


This isn’t always the first thing on everyone’s mind when you purchase a wooden gift, but it is definitely a benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked. With the environment and our environmental impact being a huge talking point currently, it is the perfect time to consider bringing in additional sustainable products into your store - we can assure you that this will go a treat with your customers.

As a retailer, you have such an expansive range to choose from when it comes to wooden gifts, so it won’t be hard to garner a small collection in-store. Offering greater choices will make it even easier for your customers to find presents that their friends and family will enjoy receiving.

Investing in Wooden Gifts

If you don’t currently have any wooden giftware in-store, then this is certainly a great opportunity to research further as to what’s available in the. Here at VKF of Worcester, we design and manufacture our entire range of high-quality wooden products in the UK. Take a peek at our website to see all we can offer you, and if you have any innovative ideas, be sure to share them with us and we’ll do our best to help!

No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for everyone!

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