Refreshing Your Store for New Year

As the Christmas period is now well and truly over, the planning and implementation of a variety of updates for the new year will be completely under way. As it does with the seasons, your shop will also change a lot from December through to January. The start of the new year is another big change for stores and their stock; it is time for a complete refresh with the hope of increasing profits for the upcoming next year. However, if you haven’t quite started enforcing any of these changes yet, it’s never too late to start!

Seeing as 2020 isn’t just a new year, it’s also a new decade, you definitely want to start off on right foot. For anyone looking for some tips to further prepare their shop for not only January, but the rest of the year, our team at VKF of Worcester have put together a list of simple ways you can refresh your store for the new year.

Ditch the Decorations

By now, this stage should’ve already been completed, but your first step should be to remove all things Christmas from your store. As much as people love the decorations and festive items you find in shops of all sizes over the festive season, once Christmas is over, these things shouldn’t hang around too long (unless you’re trying to flog them off at a discounted price).

Think about the impression you want people to have of your store this year and plan your shop front, window decorations and interior displays around this - give your store a new start for the new year! This really is the best time for a revamp, so try a variety of techniques to draw in as many potential new customers as possible.

Start the Sales

Throughout January, and the start of the new year, it’s the perfect time to discount any old stock to make way for new arrivals and exciting new items you know your customers will love. Decide which items you want to discount and by how much – think leftover Christmas stock or tempting treats that’ll be too enticing for your customers to resist at their lowered prices.

Almost all stores up and down the high street will have sales on throughout January; think about how you can make your store stand out and which products will help you to do so. Ideally, you want to sell as much at a discounted price as possible to prevent clogging up your stock room with outdated items.

Integrate New Items

Of course, you don’t just want to fill your store with old discounted items, you need to show off the new stock you have too. Many brands will have new items brought in specifically for the new year and you’ll want to make sure that these are displayed well throughout the store.

Think carefully about your displays and what products you highlight in your store at the beginning of the year. For example, people often want a refresh of their own, so may opt for new household items at this time of year, such as wall art or cute coaster sets. With the new year, new me mindset, many individuals also invest in diet and self-care products, so highlighting things within this realm can only be of benefit to you too.

Prepare Your Checkout Areas

As you are aware, your point of sale displays are so important and can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to moving the shop around after Christmas. It is probably time to move the gift cards and stocking fillers away from the till area and refill the displays with new and exciting products to generate further impulse buys.

Lots of people will be shopping for themselves in January rather than their family and friends as they do in the lead up to Christmas. Try and fill your POS displays with irresistible items that people can treat themselves too. Again, think about their homes and sweet items like wooden coasters or self-care products, like face masks and moisturisers.

Preparing Your Store for the New Year

Working your way through these four tips is a great way for any store owner to start preparing their store for the new decade. You’ll notice a huge difference to the interior of your store from these steps alone and they can prepare you for a successful decade right from the outset.

If you’re interested in purchasing some new unique stock for your store to start the new year off in the best way possible, then explore the VKF of Worcester website. You will be able to invest in a selection of homeware items that your customers will love throughout the of year. From large acrylic wall art to the best coaster designs, you can get everything you need to stock your store this January.

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