‘Pick Me Up’ Gifts to Have In-Store

Whether you own a high street store or you have an online shop, or both, then it is incredibly beneficial to have a selection of products in stock that your customers can purchase for their loved ones. It goes without saying that in uncertain times people are often searching for a way that they can cheer up the people closest to them and many will turn to a little ‘pick me up’ gift to do this.

When your customers are unable to physically see their loved ones then they can guarantee that sending them a thoughtful gift will put a smile on their face, no matter how small. For this reason, you really should consider expanding your stock to ensure you have plenty of items that fall into this ‘pick me up’ category. To help any store owners, our team here at VKF of Worcester have put together a list of gifts that always go down well in this regard.

Self-Care Gifts

This is probably the go-to for many people when they’re searching for a gift that will cheer up their friends or a family member. Of course, lots of different items fall into this category and you can either opt for disposable items like bubble bath and face masks or you can choose items that can be kept and act as a friendly reminded of one’s generosity.

Homeware Gifts

When searching for gifts in general, lots of people will choose to purchase homeware gifts. They are sure to go down well with the recipient and they are also something that people can actually make use of. Often people gift homeware because it is considered to be a safer option and is easy to find the perfect item for each individual with the vast array of options readily available.

When considering what to stock, think of items that can be enjoyed by all homeowners. Something like wooden coaster sets, for example, are a brilliant investment. You can get so many unique, yet timeless, Wooden Coaster Designs that everyone will love. You could also opt for classic options like Scrabble Letter Wooden Coasters that you know will sell well too, especially as so many people love purchasing items with their own initials.

Personalised Gifts

Often customers like to purchase a gift with some thought behind it. Being able to offer a personalisation service always goes down well in this regard, but it isn’t essential and if it isn’t something you offer then you still have other options. There are lots of gifts that can be personalised, in the fact that they are unique to the recipient.

If you want to stock gifts of this kind, we would recommend that you look at Quote Plaques or small Wooden Wall Art. Items like this often apply to lots of different people, so your customers are guaranteed to find something that they think applies to their loved one. Whether you stock something with a sweet saying or a comical quote, they always sell really well.

Keepsake Gifts

Lastly, in general, if people aren’t purchasing disposable ‘pick me up’ products like chocolate or alcohol then they will want something that the recipient can keep forever. Thankfully, there is such a vast range of keepsake gifts that any store could stock, so you’re guaranteed that you’ll find something that’ll tie in well with your brand.

When looking to invest in keepsake gifts, we would suggest that all store owners choose items that are reasonably versatile. For example, instead of going for something really specific in relation to birth months or star signs, pick something that could work for lots of different people. Something like a cute Keyring or a plaque is much more flexible.

Updating Your Stock

Using the ideas above, you can ensure that you have items in store that are perfect for this specific occasion. You can trust that when you choose to invest in the right products, then you’ll never have an issue when it comes to selling them. Why not think about the types of gifts you’d like to receive personally or what you would buy for your loved ones too? This can help you ensure that you’re stocking the right gifts for your target audience.

When searching for somewhere to bulk buy ‘pick me up’ gifts from, ensure that you sign up as a trade customer and take a look at the VKF of Worcester website today – all products can however be viewed in the All Products tab on the website without signing up for a trade account. We have a huge range of beautiful items that all fall into this category in one way or another. Whether you’d like to invest in some quirky wooden coasters or you’d like some comical quote plaques, we have a selection of unique products for you to choose from. You can trust that your customers will love anything that you stock from our site.

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