How to Refresh Your Store for Spring

After the cold and dark winter months, everyone looks forward to spring and the new lease of life that it brings. In general, spring is the perfect time for a refresh and many people use the changing season as an excuse to have a huge clear out. It’s the perfect time of year to do out with the old and in with the new.

Of course, as the seasons change, so does your retail store and the products that you stock. Now that spring is in touching distance, it is the perfect time to start considering what you’re going to be doing in-store this year. Below, the team at VKF of Worcester has put together some helpful tips to enable you to refresh your store for spring.

Lighten the Mood

Taking down your Christmas and Valentine’s Day decorations may leave your store feeling a little bit bare, but this can work to your advantage in spring. Use these new open spaces to help lighten your store. More often than not, retail stores rely on artificial lighting to help customers see their stock over the winter months, so now that there’s light outside, let it flow freely through your store.

As spring arrives, it evidently starts to get warmer too, so you won’t need the heating on as much and may want to consider leaving your entrance doors open on those nice spring days. Not only does this help with your natural lighting, but it also creates a more inviting atmosphere and entices more customers into your store.

Declutter and Replace

Often, retail stores get stuck trying to sell off old stock for months and it can quickly become outdated and look sad on the shelves. Use spring as an excuse to completely declutter your shelves, give them a good clean and only display items that you know will sell at this time of year.

It is also the perfect time to bring in new, fresh stock too. With summer just around the corner, start thinking about items associated with this time of year. You don’t need to sell swimming costumes or sun cream, but simply investing in items with a summer twist, such as Bumblebee Coasters or Wooden Plaques, will catch your customers eye more so at this time of year.

Bring the Outdoors In

All stores regularly change their window displays and interior display stands. As you wave goodbye to winter for yet another year, it’s the perfect time to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors of spring, inside. There’s nothing that says spring quite like fresh flowers and adding a touch of plants and greenery to your store can make a big difference to your displays.

Many people say that we purchase with all of our senses, so why not incorporate some scented flowers into your displays? Or even scatter diffusers around to ensure there is the fresh smell of spring throughout your store too?

Preparing Your Store for Spring

Using the tips above, you can create the perfect atmosphere for customers in your store this spring. Make this year one to remember for your store and have fun when doing so. After all, spring is when the flowers bloom, the days get longer, the temperature climbs and everyone’s mood automatically improves… so what’s not to love?

If you’re searching for some new and unique products to sell in store this spring, visit the VKF of Worcester website. We have a huge selection of beautiful refreshing items for sale, from rustic wooden coasters to wooden wall art. You can trust that the products on our site are made to the highest quality and will sell incredibly well in your store. If you have any questions at all about any of the items that you like the look of, please don’t hesitate to contact the VKF of Worcester team who will gladly assist you further.

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