Different Homeware Gifts to Have in Store

People take great pride in their homes and we all spend a lot of time and money trying to make each room look amazing whilst still being welcoming to guests and having a homely feel. There is no denying that when you own a home, beautiful homeware products always catch your eye whether you really need them or not and we will happily browse this section of a store for hours.

As a store owner, it is incredibly beneficial to have a small selection of homeware products to sell for this very reason. Not only will this section of your store be browsed by customers looking for things for their own home, but it is often also used to find gifts for other peoples homes too.

Gifting homeware is becoming much more common and you can guarantee that if you invest in a good selection of core products they will go down well with your customers. To help any store owners considering investing in homeware, VKF of Worcester have put together a list of different homeware gifts you really should have in store.

Home accessories

Products that fall under this category are probably some of the easiest to stock and sell no matter what store you own. Home accessories vary from wooden coaster

sets and fridge magnets to small potted cactuses and ornaments, they are incredibly versatile and it is easy to find something from this category that works well in every home. You will often find that people purchase multiple accessories that work well together, so bear this in mind when you buy your stock.

Wall decor

In recent years, wall art, prints and plaques have become incredibly popular and they are sometimes even replacing wallpaper when it comes to making a feature wall. You can almost guarantee to find at least one item of wall decor in every home these days. Stocking items such as wooden wall art with quotes, acrylic wall art prints with images or uniquely shaped mirrors, will give you a variety to offer your customers. Ideally, stick to general quotes and images this way you know that they will be relevant in numerous homes.

Home fragrance

Again, the products that fall under this category are easy to stock and frequently relied upon by people when searching for homeware gifts. Both candles and diffusers are go-to presents when you’re unsure what to purchase someone and they are frequently found around the home in various rooms. Home fragrances are also the sort of things that people will purchase for themselves when they are getting someone else a present so, there is a high chance that you will sell more of them.

Soft furnishings

These items can take up more room in your store, but they are some of the m

ost irresistible to purchase as gifts. Soft furnishing covers everything from scatter cushions and bed throws to shaped rugs and hair towels. They are often the cute finishing touches that people make to their properties and you can guarantee that if

you invest in the right stock that they sell fast. You will probably be best stic

king to items such as cushions and blankets to start with, they are the most multi-purpose and therefore will sell quicker.

Stocking homeware gifts

All in all, there are some amazing versatile homeware products that you can confidently stock knowing that your customers will love them. Offering a variety from the gifts mentioned above will provide you with a good core collection to display in your store. Thankfully, the homeware trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon so, it is a sure investment as a store owner.

If you’re looking for a supplier that can provide you with high-quality homeware gifts to sell, visit the VKF of Worcester website today. From classic love heart wall art to unique coaster designs, you can trust that you can get a good selection of beautiful home products. Simply apply for a trade account to be able to view all of the product listings and prices before making your decision as to which would be best for your store and customers.

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