Charming Coasters Your Customers Will Love

People can’t resist buying unique items to add to their homes and they will purchase a large number of striking items, regardless of whether they need them or not. From comical plaques to beautiful wall art, we can assure you that your customers won’t be able to get enough of these wooden pieces.

One homeware item that has been incredibly popular this year and continues to catch the eye of many is our drinks coasters. Long are the days of boring plain coasters; there’s such a variety of different designs on the market now that customers quite simply can’t get enough of! VKF of Worcester have put together a list of quirky, cute and unique coasters that you need to have in store… your customers will simply love them!

Animal Coasters

Brits love animals and tend to be drawn into any novelty items that are animal-related, particularly dog related items. On our website, you can opt from adorable dog coasters with pawprint outlines or even little bulldog faces. These are the types of coasters you can expect to sell really quickly!

Aside from those products that are sure to strike up a chord with dog lovers, there are also some other adorable animal coasters that your customers won’t be able to resist. Take a look at our Bumblebee Coasters or Ladybird Coasters for example. If you really want to catch the customers attention, then you need to consider stocking some animal themed coaster holder sets, the most popular being our Hedgehog Wooden Coaster Set.

Food Coasters

Food is always a great way to attract customers and it doesn’t need to be edible for them to want to purchase it. Something the majority of the nation loves and is often turned to as a go-to takeaway is pizza; now imagine how much attention a set of Pizza Coasters will get! Everyone loves something different and we can guarantee that you won’t find these in any competitors stores.

If you’d however rather appeal to those customers with a sweet tooth, then our Biscuit Coaster Set is definitely a go-to. A wooden selection of everyone’s favourite biscuits… what’s not to love? We can guarantee that these will be favoured by many of your visitors.

Letter Coasters

Offering personalisation to products is always a winner amongst many, however when selling items directly to consumers within a store, it’s not always possible. The next best viable option is certainly to introduce products with the option for customers to select their specific initial. People purchase cushions, mugs and all other sorts of items with their initials on and this is how we know that our A-Z Wooden Coasters are an absolute must-have in stores. Designed in the style of a Scrabble tile, people won’t just purchase them for themselves, but they’ll also make great gifts too!

People also love household items with slogans and quotes on. For example, as it continues to flourish in popularity, you will see plenty of products in stores with sayings related to coffee. The ‘But First Coffee’ Coasters are a real winner; plus with our tea version too, you can have a whole collection to please everyone.

Games Coasters

Everyone enjoys a product that isn’t just functional, but is also fun - especially parents. Take a simple set of solid wooden coasters in the shape of Noughts and Crosses; not only do you have a set of 9 usable coasters, but you can also play the game - they are multi-purpose!

Another cute set of coasters that will also keep the little ones quiet is our Jigsaw Coaster Set. Although they don’t necessarily join up to make an image, you can still slot the coasters into one another the same way you would a jigsaw. These coasters are incredibly popular and customers love their unique design.

Investing in Cute Coasters for Your Store

Whether you own a gift shop or a small boutique, items like rustic wooden coasters are great to have in store. They are the sort of products that people will pick up even if they haven’t gone looking for them. So, to increase your profit - whilst keeping your customers happy - you should consider the option of investing in a range of charming coasters for your shop.

At VKF of Worcester, you will find a huge range to choose from. All of the coasters we supply are beautifully designed and made to last; you can be assured that you’ll receive only the best quality, as all of our products are made onsite, here in the UK! There aren’t many suppliers that can provide the wide range of unique wooden coasters that VKF of Worcester can, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today. No matter what your coaster needs may be, we will be able to provide you with the perfect products for your shop.

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