5 Gifts to Have in Store This Season

As the owner of a shop, you don’t only have to keep up with the wants and needs of your customers, but you also have to tailor your products to the seasons. Thankfully some products work perfectly all year round but, there are definitely some seasonal products that are must-haves in every store.

Some seasonal items are more obvious than others and in relation to gifts, it can be harder to know what to invest in. As we head into winter, you may want to look at purchasing some new products that you know your customers will love. Here are VKF of Worcester, we’ve put together our top 5 gifts that you simply have to have in store this season.

1. Snowflake Coaster Set

It is definitely getting colder outside and as the temperature starts to drop, there’s a considerable portion of the population that starts to hope for snow, and it isn’t just the children. You can almost guarantee that your customers will either have a love for snow themselves or know someone that does; these cute snowflake coasters are just simply the perfect gift at this time of year. Unique wooden coasters are always a great addition to any gift store and they are loved by many customers who are looking for something different.

2. ‘All You Need is Love and a Bottle of Wine’ Hanging Sign

As we enter the season where we are regularly told to “eat, drink and be merry” this wooden sign fits in perfectly. Your customers will love this comical sign and we are sure that they will be flying off the shelves. They are the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine and you may even find that people purchase this sign as a gift to themselves this season. Wooden signs have been on trend this year and they aren’t going anywhere, so you should always make sure that you have some in-store.

3. Jewellery Tree

This is one of those gifts that is perfect to have in store all year round, but we love the autumnal feel to this gift and it will work perfectly in any in-store autumn displays. This gorgeous wooden jewellery tree is the perfect gift for women of all ages and it isn’t only functional but it looks great too. We can assure you that these trees will be a hit with your customers and they are a great example of the unique gifts people love to purchase.

4. ‘Sleeps Until Santa Visits’ Countdown Plaque

Christmas is fast approaching and many of the big retailers already have their plethora of advent calendars in stock, so your customers will surely be getting prepared anytime soon. This countdown plaque will be the pride of place in homes all across the country this season, so you will want to get in quite a few for you visitors. Parents love purchasing Christmas items for their children and this is no different. Countdown plaques are used for various reasons and what better reason to use one than counting down to Santas visit?

5 . World Map Wall Art

As the end of the year draws closer, people start to think about their plans for 2020 and many of these plans involve travelling and holidays. The winter weather also has people thinking about hotter climates and sunshine. This minimalistic piece of world map wall art is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves to travel and not only is it unique, but it is also incredibly versatile. Your customers can purchase this gift for their family and/or friends knowing that it will fit perfectly in any property.

Stocking your shop this season

It is essential to stay stocked up on seasonal gifts that you know will go down well with your customers and if you think that they will love any of the items we have mentioned above, then please don’t hesitate to contact VKF of Worcester today.

As experienced unique gift manufacturers, you can trust that VKF of Worcester will have a range of beautiful seasonal gifts for you to easily purchase in bulk. We are a reliable wholesaler that will provide you with nothing but high-quality products. Our expansive range of products are available for you to view online, including our beautiful coasters, plaques and wall art – take a peek and see exactly what we have to offer for your shop!

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